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    It is possible to take exams electronically at the University of Turku.

    You can reserve your examination in the booking system for e-exams => log in. Log in to the service with your Åbo Akademi / University of Turku username and password using the haka-login. Reservation can be made 30 days before the exam.

    The e-exam rooms in Turku / Åbo are:
    For more information: Åbo Akademin students: and University of Turku students: E-exam guides

    • Teutori: Ground floor, room 105, Lemminkäisenkatu 3, (T35).
      E-exam room is open every day 08.00-24.00 (also in holidays).
    • Turku School of Economics: Ground floor, Rehtorinpellonkatu 3, (T57). E-exam room is open every day 08.00-24.00 (also in holidays).
    • Agora: Ground floor, University Hill, room 115B,
      Vesilinnantie 5, (T6). E-exam room is open every day 08.00-24.00 (also in holidays).

    The e-exam rooms are also open in summer.

    The exam room is locked and rooms is accessible only with activated Frank, Lyyra or ISIC -student card, printer access or with the electronic card. In the evening and weekend, access the front doors of the buildings with your electronic access card.

    The e-exam room in Pori: the University Consortium of Pori,
    Pohjoisranta 11 A, on the first floor, room 123.
    Open all week days 8.00-20.00 (not in holidays).The exam room in Pori is accessible only with an electronic key (information for students)

    The e-exam room in Rauma: Department of Teacher Education, 
    Main Building (Seminaarinkatu 1) on the second floor, room 203. Open all week days 8.00-20.00 (not in holidays). The exam room in Rauma is accessible only with an electronic key (information for students).

    The e-exam room in Vaasa / Vasa: Academill (Starandgatan2), floor E2. Open Mon–Fri 8.00-20.00. The exam room in Vaasa is accessible only with an electronic key (information for TY students and information for ÅA students). NB! The room will NOT be available for e-exams in tenttis after 22.12.2017.

    If you use returnable e-exam card to the enter the exam room, please return the card to the box in exam.

    You may not take anything with you into the exam room! Before entering the exam room, please leave your outdoor clothing and bag in the lockers outside the room. The lockers work with 1€ coins (with 50 cent coins in Agora). In an electronic exam you need no writing materials or paper. You may not bring course materials or other means of assistance into the room. Also leave your mobile phone outside the exam room.

    For using the Electronic Exam service, the Mozilla Firefox browser or Internet Explorer browser is recommended.

    Additional information: